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Dr Nick Sharrock - Geriatrician

Servicing Albury Wodonga and North East of Victoria

Nick provides specialist care for older adults

Dr Nick Sharrock – Albury Wodonga Geriatrician

Dr Nick Sharrock is a Albury Wodonga Geriatrician consultant, working across public and private sectors, in Albury Wodonga and North East Victoria.

Nick provides specialist care for older adults, looking after medical issues which are age-related.

About Nick

Nick graduated from Monash University and completed physician training, and subsequently advanced training in geriatric medicine, in Melbourne. He is a staff specialist at Albury Wodonga Health, working across inpatient and community programmes, and has now settled in Wodonga with his wife and daughter.

He has an interest in cognitive impairment, delirium, comprehensive geriatric assessment, reviewing polypharmacy, frailty and depression and anxiety in older people. Completion of capacity assessments are considered on a case by case basis.

 Dr Nick Sharrock – Albury Wodonga Geriatrician


Nick can see people at Border Physicians Group, West Albury, and within residential aged care facilities within the border region. He can also offer home visits across North East Victoria and the border region in certain circumstances.

A referral from a general practitioner is required for all appointments.

Nick can Provide:

  • Comprehensive geriatric assessment – a thorough overview of health and wellbeing including assessment of physical, mental and cognitive health.
  • Cognitive assessment and management of dementia, delirium and depression (not requiring psychiatric input).
  • Assessment of falls, balance and mobility problems
  • Management of continence issues in older people
  • Medication reviews and advice about medication reduction.
  • General medical issues in the frail elderly.
  • Advice about healthy ageing and prevention against cognitive decline.
  • Capacity assessment considered.
 Dr Nick Sharrock – Albury Wodonga Geriatrician